Meeting Information and Materials

Health Disparities Council Meeting Materials

Meeting Date: Weds., May 10, 2023
Meeting Location: This is a virtual meeting via Zoom Meetings. You may access the meeting through the Zoom Meeting hyperlink or use your phone and call +1-253-215-8782. Meeting ID: 848 4419 6738, Passcode: 2023


May 10 Meeting Materials

Agenda Item # Item

Revised 2023 Meeting Schedule 

Proposed 2023 Regular Meeting Schedule 


Public Comments

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Discussion: Announcements and Council Business 

Comment Letters – Initial Proposals for Updating OMB’s Federal Race and Ethnicity Statistical Standards

Pandemic After Action Review (AAR) Task Force Information and Equity Gathering Recommendations
Office of Equity Community Advisory Board (Junta Asesora Comunitaria de la Oficina de Equidad del Estado de Washington)

Event Recap - Aligning toward Justice, Co-Governance, and Well-Being


Briefing and Discussion: Health is a Human Right

Health Is A Right Research Presentation


Council Redesign Workshop

Redesign Process Presentation
Council’s Current Statute (RCW 43.20.270 – 280)

Redesign Core Concepts Presentation

Reestructuración: conceptos centrales para el estatuto

Draft Statute and Summary of Proposed Changes (revised May 5, 2023)

Estatuto propuestos (5 de mayo de 2023 Borrador)


Comments, Feedback, and Reflections

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