Meeting Information and Materials

Health Disparities Council Meeting Materials

Environmental Justice Task Force Meeting Materials

June 22, 2020
Location: Virtual Only

  1. Task Force Community Agreements
  2. Task Force Operating Principles
  3. Task Force By Laws
  4. 6/22/20 Agenda
  5. EJ Task Force Flyer
  6. EJ Task Force 2 pager 
Item #
Item 01

Call to Order & Welcome

Item 02

Racism, Police Brutality, & Environmental Health Disparities

LA Times Article: “Why Community Fighting for Fair Policing Also Demand Environmental Justice”

Item 03

Public Comment

Public Comment - Murphy

Item 04

Approval of Agenda – Possible Action

6/22/20 Task Force Meeting Agenda

Item 05

Approval of 5/18/20 Meeting Minutes – Possible Action 

5/18/20 Meeting Minutes

Item 06

Panel Discussion: EJ Measureable Goals & Model Policies 

  1. Panelists’ Bios
  2. Panel Questions
Item 07

Discussion: Measureable Goals & Model Policies Addressing Environmental Health Disparities

Draft Model Policies

Item 08

Community Engagement Update

No materials expected

Item 09

Discussion: Incorporating Environmental Justice into Washington’s COVID-19 Response & Relief Work – Possible Action

Draft Recommendation

Item 10

Discussion: Washington Environmental Justice Definition – Possible Action

  1. Draft EJ Definition with Member Comments & Feedback
Item 11

Discussion: Draft Statewide EJ Principles – Possible Action

Draft EJ Principles

Item 12

Community Engagement Subcommittee Presentation – Possible Action  

  1. Presentation
  2. Draft Key Recommendations
  3. Draft Community Engagement Guidance
  4. Barriers to Engagement
  5. IAP2 Spectrum
  6. Public Involvement Evaluation Tool


Item 13

 Continuing Discussions on Draft Recommendations - Possible Action

No materials expected
Item 14

Task Force Business: Reviewing Final Report Outline, Timeline, & Next Steps – Possible Action

No materials expected

Item 15

Next Steps & Reflections

a. Updated draft outline for final report