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Health Disparities Council Meeting Materials

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Date: Monday, October 21, 2019
Location: Henry Beauchamp Community Center

Save the Date Flyer

Community Forum Information

Community Forum Presentation (no file)

Agenda  Item #        Item
Item 01

Approval of Agenda - Possible Action

Proposed Agenda

Item 02

Approval of August 19, 2019 Minutes - Possible Action

Draft Meeting Minutes for September 16, 2019 Public Meeting

Item 03

Announcements and Task Force Business

Task Force Recommendation Areas - Flyer

Item 04

Community Engagement Updates

Summary of Online Community Survey

Draft Equity Definition and Statement

Item 05

Legislative Update

No materials expected at this time

Item 06

Review Project Timeline and Recommendation Areas

Timeline & Objectives PPT

Task Force Authorizing Legislation

HB 1783 (Past Legislation for Reference)

HB 1783 Bill Report (For Reference)

Item 07 Public Comment
Item 08

Workgroup Presentations

Proposed Roles and Functions Chart (Draft for Discussion Only)

Accountability Workgroup Notes (For Discussion Only)

Ombuds Process (For Discussion Only)

Proposed Process Chart (Draft for Discussion Only)

Organizational Structure and Position Descriptions (Draft for Discussion Only)

I-1000 Summary & Links

I-1000 Senate Bill Report

I-1000, Laws of 2019 (full text)
Item 09

Discuss Proposed Recommendations

No materials expected at this time

Item 10 Public Comment
Item 11

Draft and Approve Recommendations

Memo for Proposed Action

Draft Table of Contents (For Discussion Only)

Item 12

Comments, Updates and Reflections

No materials expected at this time