Meeting Information and Materials

Health Disparities Council Meeting Materials

Office of Equity Task Force Meeting Materials

Date: Thursday, April 30, 2020
Location: Virtual Meeting Only

Item #

Item 02

Approval of Meeting Minutes

Draft Meeting Minutes for February 21, 2020 Public Meeting

Item 03

Announcements, Task Force Business & Legislative Update​

a. Announcements & Task Force Business - PowerPoint

b. Focus Group Report (April 2020)

c. DEI Workgroups – Foundational Definitions

d. E2SHB 1783 – As Session Law (2020)

e. E2SHB 1783 – Final Bill Report (2020)

Item 04

Reflections: Task Force Members & Community Partners

Resources in the COVID-19 Response

Item 05

Public Comment

a. Chairs’ Opening Comments

b. Public Comment - Cooke

Item 06

Discussion - Revised Work Plan

Proposed Work Plan – For Discussion Only (NOT FINAL)

Item 07

Comments, Updates & Reflections

No materials expected at this time