Meeting Information and Materials

Health Disparities Council Meeting Materials

Office of Equity Task Force Meeting Materials

Date: Monday, December 16, 2019
Location: The Olympia Center

Item #

Item 02

Approval of Meeting Minutes

Chairs’ Opening Comments

Draft Meeting Minutes for November 25, 2019 Public Meeting

Item 03

Reflections, Announcements, and Task Force Business

No materials at this time

Item 04

Public Comment

Chairs' Opening Comments

Public Comment - Nelson

Public Comment - Ramos

Item 05

Draft Report: Discussion & Revisions

Guiding Statements & Draft Definitions of ‘Equity’

Draft Report (revised 12/12/19) – For Discussion Only

Item 06

Draft Report: Discussion & Revisions

No materials at this time


Item 07

Working Lunch: Approve Draft Report

Memo for Proposed Action

Item 08

2020 Meeting Dates & Work Plan

Memo for Proposed Action

Task Force Authorizing Legislation (Proviso in 2019-2021 WA State Operating Budget)

Proposed 2020 Public Meeting Schedule & Work Plan – For Discussion Only

Item 09

Discussion of Draft Legislation (HB 1783)

Draft House Bill 1783 – For Discussion Only

Item 10

Comments, Updates, and Reflections

No materials at this time

Item 11 Adjournment