Meeting Information and Materials

Health Disparities Council Meeting Materials

Office of Equity Task Force Meeting Materials

Date: Monday, September 16, 2019
Location: Educational Service District 112, Klickitat/Skamania Room

Item #
Item 01

Approval of Agenda - Possible Action

Proposed Final Agenda

Item 02

Approval of August 19, 2019 Minutes - Possible Action

Draft Minutes for August 19, 2019 Public Meeting

Item 03

Announcements and Task Force Business

Equity Office Task Force One-Pager (English)

Equity Office Task Force One-Pager (Espanol)

Adopted Task Force Bylaws

Adopted Task Force Operating Principals

Draft Report on the September 2 Community Forum in Everett

Item 04

Task Force Decision Making Process

None expected at this time

Item 05

Task Force Reflections

DEI Foundational Definitions Final Draft 9.10.19

DEI Competencies All Employee Final Draft 9.10.19

Item 06

Government-to-Government Engagement

Centennial Accord

Chapter 43.376 RCW: Government-to-Government Relationship with Indian Tribes

Item 07

Legislative Update

None expected at this time

Item 08

Public Comment

Item 09

Model Equity Initiatives & Guiding Principals

Report: King County's Journey in Institutionalizing Equity and Social Justice

King County ESJ Office Presentation

Item 10

Working Dinner - Project Scope & Timeline

Authorizing Legislation (ESHB 1109)

Sample Task Force Work Plans

Item 11 Public Comment
Item 12

Workgroup for DEI Definitions - Possible Action

Memo for Proposed Action

Item 13

Community Engagement Strategy

Draft Community Engagement Strategy

Item 14

Comments, Updates, and Reflections

None expected at this time