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Health Disparities Council Meeting Materials

Social Equity in Cannabis Task Force Meeting Materials

Date: Tuesday November 16, 2021
Location: This is an online meeting via Zoom. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

November 16, 2021 Social Equity in Cannabis Task Force Meeting Materials

Item #
Item 01

Approval of Agenda

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Item 02

Approval of September 14, 2021 and October 28, 2021 Meeting Minutes

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Item 03

Proposal and Discussion - Disproportionagely Impacted Areas

Proposal Slides

3rd Party Equity brochure

3rd Party Cannabis brochure

Alternative Rubric 650 pts Proposal

Alternative proposal supportive documents

Item 04

Proposal and Discussion - Technical Assistance and Mentorship

Proposal Slides (see item 03 above)

Item 05

Public Comment

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Item 06


Next Steps

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