Meeting Information and Materials

Health Disparities Council Meeting Materials

Environmental Justice Task Force Meeting Materials

September 25, 2020
Location: Virtual Only

  1. Task Force Community Agreements
  2. Task Force Operating Principles
  3. Task Force By Laws
  4. 9/25/20 Agenda
  5. EJ Task Force Flyer
  6. EJ Task Force 2 pager 
Item #
Item 01

Call to Order & Welcome

Item 02

Public Comment

  1. Public Comment – Gold
Item 03

Approval of Agenda – Possible Action

a. 9/25/20 Task Force Meeting Agenda​

Item 04

Approval of 9/11/20 Meeting Minutes – Possible Action 

a. 9/11/20 Meeting Minutes

Item 05

Presentation: EJ Task Force Final Report

a. Presentation: Report Status and Future Timeline  

Item 06

Member Comments: EJ Task Force Final Report

Item 07

Discussion and Approval: EJ Task Force Final Report

a. Draft EJTF Report  

Item 08

Task Force Business: Reviewing Timeline & Next Steps

Item 09

Task Force Reflections