Crystal Ogle

Portrait of Crystal Ogle

Task Force Executive Assistant

The daughter of a community activist, Crystal is a social justice and health disparity activist herself. A licensed midwife in the state of Washington, and one of few midwives of color, Crystal has used her practice to help combat health disparities. Aside from being a health care provider, Crystal brings a variety of professional experience, some of which include leadership of boards, committees, and non- profit organizations, curriculum writing, and teaching.

The opportunity to serve the Social Equity in Task Force allows Crystal a better work-life balance in order to spend more time with her growing family, including a newly welcomed first grandchild. Crystal plans to return full time to her practice once the Task Force has completed its work. The position fulfills Crystal’s passion of social justice and allows for expansion of experience at the state level. Crystal is happy and eager to serve the Social Equity and Cannabis Task Force and members of the public.